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Daring poker player takes tournament winnings and bets them on one roulette spin

MailOnline iPhone app 'The searches in my own view were insufficient.' Ms Knowles fell ill about 2am the following morning, and was helped to a first-aid Portacabin outside the venue by Mr Varley, friends and door staff. The medic - the only one working on the site - recognised the teenager was exhibiting symptoms such as being cold, clammy, and breathing fast, and called for an ambulance. Ryan Best, left, and Jack Malloy, right, have been jailed for their involvement in supplying MDMA to Ellie, who died after taking one and-a-half times the lethal dose of the drug  Ms Knowles was taken by an ambulance to the RVI but died just hours after taking the drug. The teenager died as a result of MDMA toxicity, which was found to be more than 1.5 times the level toxicologists consider to be fatal. Mrs Dilks said: 'Ellie's death was due to misadventure. She took MDMA intentionally but never intended or foresaw the consequences of her actions.' Neil Bainbridge, managing director of promoters Shindig Events Ltd, acknowledged with 'hindsight' there were issues with search procedures and first-aid provision which had been addressed at subsequent events. Ellie had been at Shindig(pictured) in Hoults Yard, Byker on Saturday, November 5, when she collapsed He said: 'I have observed a greater level of search than that. The intention is to search everyone with a level of detail but always with a level of practicality. 'In subsequent events we have had three first-aiders.

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