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Gwalior Girl Shoots Self With Dad's Gun While Playing Russian Roulette with Friend on WhatsApp

The victim, identified as Karishma Yadav, was on a live video chat with her friend Nazma, who was travelling in Delhi Metro on Friday when the incident took place. Karishma was the daughter Arvind Yadav, a retired police Subedar in MP police. She shot self in the head with her father's revolver while playing the lethal game to “test her luck”, the police said. Russian roulette is a game of chance in which the player places a single round in a revolver, spins the chamber and pulls the trigger while placing the gun at one’s own head. The police found that Karishma’s last call was made to Nazma.

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Newsie - Men facing Russian Roulette with prostate cancer - The Nation's Local News

"We receive at least five calls or emails every week from men who have been turned down or turned away from their GP when they asked for a test. In many cases these men have gone to see two or three GPs with no luck." "By the time some men are tested and diagnosed, their treatment options have diminished, and they are left feeling ripped off by the very experts they trust to look after their health. It’s nothing short of a traumatic and unnecessary experience that is costing lives." The PSA test, while not failsafe, is the best quick and easy test for prostate cancer and there are clear guidelines how it should be used. Increasingly men are becoming aware of the need to get health checks, including being tested for prostate cancer and so GPs need to take a proactive approach to men’s health. A survey amongst 507 New Zealand prostate cancer survivors has exposed alarming insights into the depth of the issue in this country. 6 in 10 survivors had no symptoms at all when diagnosed with prostate cancer. 37% had an immediate male relative who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. 29% said their GP did not ask them about having a test or suggest they have a test. Graeme says the combination of few or no symptoms, possible genetic link and testing inconsistency is a recipe for a men’s health disaster unless GPs take a more proactive approach to prostate cancer testing. Simply asking about symptoms and making a decision to order a PSA test on that basis is inadequate.

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