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REVIEW: Sarah McLachlan at Parx Casino still has 'Angel' voice, but bedeviling moments

McLachlan’s strength is, indeed, her songs about love – both the celebrations of it and, as she said later, “usually the sh-t end.” And the show was full of songs from the late 1990s, when she produced 10 Top 30 hits and sold more than 10 million albums. But lined up, the songs also showed the restrictions of McLachlan’s output – “you string them all together and there’s quite a theme,” she said. And McLachlan’s decision to alter the songs, even slightly, wasn’t always for the better. Yet there was much to like about McLachlan’s show. Now 50, McLachlan’s voice is as strong as when she was at the top of the charts – her powerful delivery often breaking into her trademark yodel or affected deep-throat delivery. Her hits also have largely held up: The first that she played, the 1995 gold song “I Will Remember You,” was lovely, despite its lighter, less emotional treatment. She over-stylized the 1988 gold hit “Aidia,” which she performed on acoustic guitar, but the new heft it was given by her three-person band rescued it. Also having more of a punch was “In Your Shoes,” among four songs she played from her most recent disc, 2014’s “Shine On.” Some of the night’s best were the songs she sang closest to their recorded versions. Her 1997 song “Building a Mystery” was exactly as advertised: also with her on acoustic guitar; its tension building its own mystery in her yodeled lyrics. The gold, Grammy Award-nominated hit “Fallen” also was very good, and 2004’s “World On Fire” was a forgotten delight.

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Former Knicks great Charles Oakley was arrested in a Las Vegas casino after trying to pull a $100 chip during a gambling session.